Title: The Island Stallion

Author: Walter Farley

ISBN: 9780394843766
Pages: 240
Description: Okay, it’s a little embarrassing that I’m even reviewing this. Like I said earlier, the bar exam made me mentally and emotionally regress to about 2nd-grade level, and I couldn’t resist re-reading this installment in the Black Stallion series that I picked up for $2. These books were seriously my absolute favorites when I was a kid. I have to say, though, maybe I should stop re-reading these old classics because they’re, well, they’re just not as good as you remember. Like, seriously. This one I used to love because not only is there the boy-horse love story that exists in all of Walter Farley’s novels, but there’s also a mysterious lost island and buried treasure and even a map (oh, how I love books with maps). But it’s kind of totally cheesy, and the main character’s single-minded obsession with possessing this wild horse he finds verges on creepy. Maybe it didn’t seem so creepy in 1948 or whenever this was written. Good times, though. And now that the bar is over I can return to reading grown-up books (although I can’t promise I won’t return to other childhood faves that I stumble across in used bookstores).
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