Title: The Birth of Britain

Author: Winston S. Churchill

ISBN: 9780304363896
Pages: 448
Description: “This history will endure; not only because Sir Winston has written it, but also because of its own inherent virtues – its narrative power, its fine judgment of war and politics, of soldiers and statesmen, and even more because it reflects a tradition of what Englishmen in the hey-day of their empire thought and felt about their country’s past.” The Daily Telegraph

Spanning four volumes and many centuries of history, from Caesar’s invasion of Britain to the start of World War I, A History of the English-Speaking Peoples stands as one of Winston S. Churchill’s most magnificent literary works. Begun during Churchill’s ‘wilderness years’ when he was out of government, first published in 1956 after his leadership through the darkest days of World War II had cemented his place in history and completed when Churchill was in his 80s, it remains to this day a compelling and vivid history.

The first volume – The Birth of Britain – tells the story of the formation of the British state, from the arrival of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire through the invasions of the Vikings and the Normans, the signing of the Magna Carta and establishment of the mother of parliaments to the War of the Roses.
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