A Monk and His Girlfriend

Author: Maxin James

ISBN: 9789380905907
Pages: 138
Description: Kartik, the young monk, knows that he must choose between his monk-hood and his search for Moyana. He knows well that he is still not being able to get rid of the desires of his youth and his love for a girl. A revolt against the holy traditions of the Monks of Pangchi will put him under the curse of the masters. He is aware that after the death of his Master he might be the next torch bearer of the monastery and the tradition of the great Himalayan Monks. But he likes freedom more than anything. One day he runs away from his monastery for a quest — a quest for his girlfriend. This fascinating novel by Maxin James is the story of Kartik’s journey, the young monk, who follows the call of the Universe, struggle, destiny and surrender.
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